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Hello and welcome to This Lady Connects for some well-deserved TLC. – Tender Love and Self care.

I help you reconnect to your inner self by improving your mental and emotional well-being through spinal release and energetic healing.

Together, we create a safe environment for you to release heightened stress, shift away from the alert mode and bring more calmness, peace and clarity back into your life.

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” What others say”

Healing Hands!

After years of accumulating tension and stress, I decided to undergo a TTC treatment with Ellen. Ellen dedicates time to your body and, importantly, she listens. She tailors her expertise to fit what you need perfectly. What once seemed like “abracadabra”  now feels like a custom-fit garment. I feel more comfortable in my skin sleep better, and am able to let go of things easier. Ellen possesses the skill to keep holistic practices grounded, without drifting into the abstract. I wholeheartedly recommend her!

Empowering Healing!

“ Ellen is a remarkable woman who is compassionate and. Mindful without passing judgment, has embraced me under her care. Through TTC, I found solace in self-love and discovered the path to releasing old traumas, energies I hadn’t realized were still trapped within me. Despite being a medium myself, it’s been an extraordinary experience feeling my body lighten under Ellen’s guidance. The love and safety I’ve experienced throughout this journey have been significant. I am deeply grateful for Ellen!”

~ Naomi~

An Angel in Human Form!

“Meeting Ellen was a true blessing. Her energy healing sessions have been a life line for me during a difficult time. She has a gift for tuning into exactly what my body and soul need for healing. After each session, I feel lighter, more aligned, and at peace. Her warm presence and soothing energy create an environment of trust and comfort. I am so grateful to have found her. If you’re considering energy healing or Reiki, look no further than Ellen. You won’t be disappointed!”

~ Samantha Lee

+31 6 42 431 967

Kerkstraat 54C, Huizen

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